What kind of doctor am I seeing? - 

We verify that each of our physicians have an active medical license, and are legally eligible to certify patients. At the moment, all of our physicians hold a certification of Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.).  Physicians that hold an M.D., D.O., N.D., or (H)M.D. are the only doctors legally eligible to certify in the AZ MMJ program. 


Does the State offer any discounts? - 

Patients who qualify for SNAP/EBT benefits recieve $75 off of the ADHS state fee.

MedEval Clinic in Phoenix, AZ also offers a $10 discount for all veterans who need to update their medical records via our pain physician.

Frequently Asked Questions



What do I need to apply? - 

In order to apply for your MMJ card, patient applicants must provide the following:

 -Valid Arizona I.D. or the photograph page of an active U.S. Passport

 - Updated medical records stating the diagnosis of your qualifying condition.

 - SNAP/EBT card + eligibility letter (if applicable).

 - Most recent expired MMJ card (if applicable).

 - Debit/Credit card or cash is accepted.

What are updated medical records and who can provide them? - 

In order to document proof that medical marijuana is an appropriate medicine for your condition, you must have updated medical records stating the diagnosis of your qualifying condition within the last 12 months. Medical documentation can include lab reports, hospitalizations, recent procedures, visit notes, etc. from your primary care or other licensed provider. 

If you do not have medical records from your primary care provider or other physicians, or are unsure if your medical documentation will suffice; our doctors will do a full evaluation to update your medical documentation. 

MedEval Clinic in Phoenix, AZ offers free 15 minutes consultations with our cannabis specialists. If you aren't sure that medical cannabis is the right fit for you, our doctors can make the appropriate recommendations and referrals.